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PPC Managment

Running Ultra Successful PPC Campaigns is no simple recipe


Maximizing Results. Creating Opportunity. Meet SCORE.

Paid search, the most targeted and powerful advertising medium in history, is also a hyper-competitive, mature market where only the smartest advertisers succeed. We developed our proprietary SCORE Method to tie together strategy, continuous optimization, testing and research, with the explicit goal to take campaigns to new heights in both efficiency and scope.


Pay-per-click advertisements are the sponsored links that appear above or to the right of the natural search results. PPC can create immediate online visibility in prime webpage real estate. This type of campaign must be handled carefully, and our marketing experts will help you set up and manage a cost-effective strategy for a profitable return on your investment. We combine SEO, PPC and other strategies to further increase your exposure and sales.

Things can get complicated quickly with PPC campaigns if you don’t do your homework, especially when marketing large numbers of products and targeting expansive lists of keywords. Simply throwing money at large campaigns isn’t the answer; you need experienced SEO strategists who know how to target specific markets and segment campaigns in a way that minimizes the cost-per-click for you, the advertiser. With keyword research, analytics and competitive analysis, our SEO teams are able to create precise PPC campaigns for your most profitable and strategic keywords, structured in a way that makes every penny count.

PPC Management

We’ve built and trained the best group of over than 15 qualified individual in Google Adwords. The people are the heart and soul of Horizon PPC, and can’t be found anywhere else. We are a very tight-knit team with a passion for PPC and a commitment to treat each other and our clients like family. Maintaining this attitude and focus earns us a reputation second to none.

We understand just how important your PPC investment and results are to your bottom line. This is exactly why we focus solely on PPC and nothing else. Many companies attempt to do a lot for their clients…web design, SEO, landing page development and more. Many times they also add on PPC Management, but it’s rarely a main focus. We believe this is a mistake. Here at Horizon PPC we are all working together under one roof just outside New York. All day, every day we’re focused on PPC. We’re collectively gaining and sharing the experience of watching 1000’s of campaigns spend millions of dollars across 100’s of industries. This environment and experience is invaluable and can’t just be taught. We’re a proud, hardworking team of professionals. Experience the Horizon PPC difference.

Full-Service PPC Management

PPC Management is the ongoing process of building, maintaining and analyzing advertising campaigns at Google AdWords to garner the best results possible. The platform are highly complicated and constantly changing. Currently over a million businesses across the world spend billions of dollars using these Google Adwords, and the process of PPC management determines the outcome of each dollar invested.

Professional PPC Management should be considered by any business that has an investment large enough to justify hiring professionals for help. We focus on helping businesses spending as little as $500 per month and as large as $200,000 per month across Google AdWords.