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Website Development

We Deliver Delightful Websites For Visitors and Search Engines Alike

At HorizonPPC we build online experiences that exist at the perfect intersection of form and function. Our websites don't just deliver information, they deliver experiences, engage audiences and convert visitors to customers.

Website Development

Shifting design trends mean that a lot of websites look dated and don’t give visitors the information or functionality they need to convert into paying customers. If your website is looking a little 2008, maybe it’s time to set our designers and developers loose to do a design refresh or rebuild it from scratch.

Horizon PPC has been a leader in online marketing and search engine optimization, so we know exactly what it takes for a business to succeed online. We build websites that appeal directly to your market, make it easy for customers to convert and are search-optimized from day one.

Our Unique Process



What makes our process unique and our results unmatched is that we look at everything through the lens of marketing and conversion optimization. The first question in any engagement is “what do you want to achieve with a new site?” and that answer helps determine every decision that follows it throughout the development process.

How Do We Do It?

A great website – one that looks great, that user’s love, that the search engines reward with higher rankings and that converts like gangbusters – is far easier said than done. It is a bit of alchemy, really. We work backwards from your goals and then apply our extensive experience, the results of thousands of tests and a little bit of wizardry.

The end result? A great looking, highly effective, optimized-for-SEO site with social media engagement features, a terrific user experience and the platform to take your business to the next level.